About our Guild

Our Guild was founded in a little game called EverQuest Online Adventures 


EQOA was a version of "EverQuest" made for the PS2. Published by Sony Online Entertainment on February 11th 2003. For many of us it was our first foray into the world of Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming.

Meeting online before the games release in a forum named "The Wayfarer Chronicles" (and some members later in game), a group of like minded adventurers started to talk of forming a guild to aid in our playing together. Our Guild was the effort of several players but the game only allowed for a single GM. Roenick became "that guy" and kept the job until he left the game years later. The group managed to have a website and forums up and running (with "guildies" help of course) before the beta testing even began.

The Hunters solidified as a guild during the closed and later open beta tests which SOE had for the game pre-release.  Being many of our members were Human living in Shurefall Glade that became our home in game. Altho' we accepted all "good" races, we did not accept any evil race players. 

Another guild which formed at the same time (from the same forums) named "Beta Corps" were our Allies and we would regularly hold inter-guild events like hide-and-seek, scavenger hunts and of course our version of the nekkid Dwarf runs. In time members migrated in and out of the groups, some just moving to the allied guild, others off to play with new friends.

The point is, we made a lot of friends and wanted to play with each other, carrying the credo of "Need Before Greed" the "Hunters" became a popular guild on our Hodstock server and every one of us look back now thinking it would never be like that again.

Right? I mean we all have gotten older, (some really ancient)... Would we ever spend time with our friends old and new in a fantasy world like that again?                   

In walks Panthheon : Rise of the Fallen



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New Charter Members


of the Hunters of the Fallen

HotF Original Trickster, Sab usually had the last laugh. Known for his looks, Sab is the Orig. "I'm sexy, and I know it" guy.


Dog lover in general, Zizz fosters pups. She might have your next pooch. Dubbed Queen of Sandwiches, she has yet to produce any.


Req is our resident Canadian. I believe he even knows all the words to the Canadian National Anthem! Loves Hockey, Doh...


Our resident Barbarian Jiz likes to play around with his giant trucks Ask Jiz about his truck when you see him...


Website Admin. Tristin's husband
Yes I can probably fix that...
No not today


Once a member of Scarlet Guard and Later a Drunkin' Bandit, Triss has seen it all.
Usually from a safe distance


The Co-Guild Master-Beta Corps
Arlore lives in Hawaii, the other
"sunshine State"


The Orig. Guild Master-Hunters of the Fallen Roe led us in EQOA
Not on a road, but never off the path


Still Forming.
You may be what we are looking for.

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