As many are aware you can only become a member by invitation.
What seems to be unclear is how to obtain said Invitation.
The First thing to do is register here in our community and post an introduction
Then contact any of the Guild Members (names listed in Members section) "in-game" and request a tryout.

This will entail a few groupings to determine through playing style and social interaction if the Guild is a good fit for you and vice-versa. If so you will be offered an invitation for membership.

Please be aware there are only a few of us to accommodate tryout requests, and at the time of your request the GM in question may be engulfed in something. If you are told no at the time keep this in mind and ask when a good time would be or use the email link to contact us if you would like to schedule a time to meet up.

As always our mission is to strive to recruit the best people and players possible to ensure that our Guild and its reputation reflect that.

Thank you for your continued support.


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